Director, CGI, Experiential

ENCOR is an art & CGI studio founded in 2016 by Swiss artists Mirko Eremita, David Houcheringer, Valerio Spoletini & Manuel Oberholzer.

They used light and acoustics as a messenger to project themselves into a world, which like the properties of light itself can be mysterious and out of reach.

Their work elaborates on our place in time by creating kinetic sculptures, motion design, contemporary architecture, installation art and sound visualisations. By developing and combining their own tools and technologies with social processes, and high and lo-fi materials, they redefine the limits of all mediums.

The group identity is built upon each member contributing his own skill set and sensibilities when approaching each project. They have exhibited worldwide, and their clients include; Omega, Casio, Mercedes, Cartier, Redbull and Longines.

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