Karyn Lyons

Art Director

Karyn Lyons has been an art director and stylist in the fashion industry for over twenty years. She has helped create brand imagery for such classic American brands as J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, and Eddie Bauer. As an on-set art director, Karyn is adept at leading the team with enthusiasm, working with the photographer and talent to create the perfect images for each client. As a stylist, she can identify the brand’s look and help each client create brand appropriate looks that have energy and interest. With both of these roles solidly under her belt, Karyn is a huge asset on set….

In the middle of her career in fashion, Karyn took a break and went back to school to pursue a graduate degree in fine art from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. She then spent the next year painting for Jeff Koons, and since then she’s had several solo shows and group shows, both here and abroad. As Karyn says, “As much as I love my solitary work as a fine artist, I get so much inspiration and energy from my work as an art director, from the fast pace and creativity on set and the collaboration with other talented people in the field. These two disciplines inform each other and raise the level of quality in both.”

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