Amanda Mariko

Wardrobe Stylist

It was while working for musicians like Rusko, Moses Sumney, and A$AP Rocky that Amanda was inadvertently introduced to the world of styling. She discovered that her love of working alongside talented musicians was only the entry point into what she was truly meant to do: style them.

Forever influenced by her love and work in music, Amanda’s versatile skill set has since evolved and expanded to suit a variety of clients across commercial, editorial, and entertainment platforms. Her eye for unique, non-conforming aesthetics allows her to break norms and give a fresh perspective on the modern fashion landscape. Her approach is always curated yet effortless, mixing high fashion, streetwear, and vintage for unexpected combinations. Alongside this dynamic style, Amanda also prides herself on her ability to connect with her clients on an individual level, tailoring her skill set to bring their visions to life.

Originally from Oakland, Amanda works across Los Angeles and New York City.

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