About Us

We connect artists and creatives from across the globe to deliver one creative vision and experience.

We discover and foster unique voices offering an unrivaled level of support.

We represent a roster of multidisciplinary artists that create with vision, intention, and integrity.

We collaborate closely with clients, and bring together the right people with the right projects.

We are a full service production company that produces still photography and moving pictures across an ever-changing landscape — sometimes all at once.

We love what we do and it shows.
We are Laird and Good Company.

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  • London
    32 Blackfriars Road
    London, SE1 8PB
    United Kingdom
    Tel:  +44 (0) 20 4525 4313

[email protected]


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Our Values

Champions of creativity

We empower and amplify visionaries, storytellers, and innovators because we believe creativity is at the heart of change — it connects, it gives voice and, fundamentally, has the power to make the world think differently.

Respect your mother

We believe we have an indisputable responsibility to our planet. Knowing that, we constantly reevaluate our impact to support, protect, and best conserve mother earth.

Citizens of the world

We are in awe of our global community that is transformed through boundless ideas, perspectives, and people. Through our roster of creative voices, we seek to play a role in the dialogue at large and are devoted to fostering positive change through empowerment, advocacy, and action.

Good people

We act with integrity. We are kind hearted and empathetic. We think holistically. We are not afraid of hard work. We know the value of laughter and lightness. We believe in the power of positivity. We are leaders with heart and soul. We have a deep love for what we do and that is what compels us to keep moving forward.

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