Andrew Southam


Andrew Southam is an Australian photographer and director living in Los Angeles. As Andrew says, “I’ve lived in New York City, Milan and London, but somehow being Australian, the sense of light, humor, irreverence and energy define me.”

Andrew began his career shooting for the Sydney Theatre Company and Australian ballet, learning lessons about performance, grace, and style that continue to inform his work. After many years shooting fashion and celebrity portraits, Andrew has come to focus on his deepest passion, photographing and making short films about every day life. His work is about authentic, human moments, unguarded and truthful. Most often given grace by Andrew’s unique way with the sun and crafting available light.

Select clients include ABC, Bank of America, Ford, Google, Netflix, Toyota, Uber, Orvis, and Starbucks. 

Andrew’s work has been honored by the Society of Publication Designers and is exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery of Australia.

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