Autumn Suna

Makeup & Hair

Autumn was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to the United States at age five. The very culturally diverse and colorful influence of her Mexican American stepfather and biological Korean mother made her spirit thrive on creating from a very early age.

Her education through various Magnet Art Schools helped her develop techniques that she weaves into her career to this day, such as sewing, sculpting, photography, videography. She is many things: a creator, performer, singer, lyricist, musician, mixed media artist, and multi crafter.

Although she recognizes and can apply the many makeup techniques that are out there, her favorite thing to do is bring beauty from within to the surface of the skin. She doesn’t always want to only create a work of art on your face, body, and/or hair, she wants to first and foremost recognize you, your face, body, and soul as Art.

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