Benjamin Madgwick

Director, Photographer

As a young boy Benjamin Madgwick studied the ritualistic process his mother performed to apply her make-up. He perceived this decoration as an artistic expression of identity; it was this curiosity which first stirred Benjamin’s interest in fashion and beauty.

The way in which Benjamin views and presents the intricacies, power and beauty of the human form is not only recognisable but alluring in its dynamism. The aesthetic of Benjamin’s work is forged by his understanding and appreciation of facial expression and body language.

The camera is not a barrier between him and the subject, but a tunnel through which he feels, directs and shapes a character. There is a strong sense of accordance across his images and he use’s physicality as a medium and a muse.

Initially Benjamin pursued graphic design and illustration, believing that these ventures would form his career… But it was during the year between college and University, that the pursuit of photography became deeply rooted in his passions.

After completing a Photography degree at Reading University and working tirelessly as a freelance photographer he secured assisting jobs with respected photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Liz Collins, Emma Summerton, Matthew Brookes and Miles Aldridge – the latter with whom he worked as his first assistant for three and a half years.

Benjamin’s passion for gymnastics, yoga and dance mean that he is visceral in his approach to physical guidance and this helps to achieve an intimacy on set through movement and direction.

He endeavours to broaden his already esteemed client list, which include Clinique, YSL, Dior, Nars, Paper London, Harpers Bazaar and L’Official magazine, and to produce a photography book devotedly composed to inspire photography students to take pictures and fuel their creativity.

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