Domenica Agostino Leibowitz

Props & Set Design

Domenica is an artist who often works as a production designer, set designer, and creative director. She loves to create otherworldly environments and backdrops, especially when they showcase people she respects and admires…

On any given day you might find her up a ladder, in a field working on a 15’ painting, at the wheel of a cube truck in Manhattan, or building a room in the middle of Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, all while going to great lengths to use recycled or sustainable materials (even though sometimes she fails). Her friends and family try their best to keep her from attempting to make everything, which she will if she can, leaving a trademark trail of “art happened here”.

Her explosive creativity is the fault of her parents, both artists themselves, who raised her in Northern California with an “if you want it, you can make it for yourself” ethos. As a result, Domenica has created art her whole life. She formally studied classical drawing and spent years perfecting the art of couture sewing in countries like Italy, Brazil, and Belgium. One thing she loves about her current work is the opportunity to create with every and any material imaginable. Although she’s actually very savvy with digital communications and tech, she does not apply this to herself because of her aspirations to live an offline life (which are not always realized).

In addition to the creative work you see on this website, she’s spent over a decade working to make the fashion industry less harmful to the earth and living things. You can read the sustainable fashion guide she wrote for the CFDA here, and current projects include Generation F, activism in her current hometown Los Angeles, and collaborations with Annie Gullingsrud of Design for Allkind.

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