Lara Angelil


Born in Germany, Lara’s creative sensibility is deeply informed by her childhood experience and parents, both of whom are trained in classical theater and ballet. It is no surprise that she would eventually become enamored with the aesthetic splendor of figures dancing through space.

After years spent riffling through her father’s photographic archives, and infatuated with the poise and sculptural silhouettes of ballet dancers captured in black and white, she decided to pick up the camera herself and pursue a career in photography.

Inspired by performance and the body, Lara’s imagery often holds dynamic implications, offering the viewer a lasting impression of an otherwise transient and fleeting movement. Ultimately, human expression through dance and movement guides all aspects of her work.

Select clients include Cap74024, Document Journal, Theory, Them Magazine, Vogue Czechoslovakia, and Vogue Italia.

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