Makerie Studio, Lost Journey

  • Paper Artist

Lost Journey, a personal project designed and created by the Makerie Studio and shot by Beate Sonnenberg.

“Shot just before the lock down, we’re happy to share our first collaboration with the amazing Beate, who captured and transformed in a day a project we’d been refining for weeks!

Inspired by the tale of Shangri-La, a mystical oasis nestled in the clouds just nearly out reach, we created a light, dreamy journey-scape bathed in dappled, glowing blushes and shadows. Each plateau is connected by vines or unsteady steps, offering a choice to explore onwards or maybe just rest a while..

Sending good thoughts to everyone on the long journey we have through this difficult period back towards normality, if there ever was such a thing, with best wishes finding your own little bit of Shangri-La.”

  • Lost Journey
    Lost Journey
    Lost Journey
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