Rob Howard


“I’m a storyteller and always have been. I love people and I love stories, so of course my favorite thing to do is to tell good stories about amazing people.” – Rob Howard

Nothing fascinates photographer Rob Howard more than the mundane magic of everyday life. Rob bought his first camera at a pawnshop in downtown Toronto on a whim.  Little did he know, image making would ultimately take him to 140 countries connecting him with inspiring people from across the world.

An attentive listener and collaborator, Rob can skillfully draw out what clients are hoping to achieve, both pragmatically and conceptually. His mission is to create fresh, authentic, meaningful content that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, and have fun while doing it.

Holding both Canadian and American passports, Rob currently lives between New York and California with his wife/producer/studio manager Lisa, and their two Maine Coon cats.

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