Sophia Eleni Pappas

Props & Set Design

Along with the rest of her photography class at FIT, Sophia visited a prop house in Manhattan to get a glimpse into the world of prop styling. Immediately transfixed by the endless rows of shelves stacked with beautiful objects, Sophia stayed behind once her class had left, in hopes of learning more about what went on there. Before long, Sophia was working at that prop house, learning the ins and outs of the photo industry, as well as honing her personal style. Soon after, she went on to assist some of the most talented stylists in the industry, which eventually led her to begin styling on her own. Sophia is especially drawn to colorful things and her playful nature reverberates through her work.


When she’s not on set or hunting down pumpkins mid-summer, she is curled up with her Calico, Chickpea, or singing along to one of her favorite bands at a live show in Brooklyn.

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