Laird and Good Company Signs SG+ Reps for US Midwest Representation

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with SG+ Reps for US Midwest Commercial Representation.

“As a company, we are driven to empower and amplify artists, storytellers, and innovators because we believe creativity is at the heart of change — it connects, it gives voice, and, fundamentally, has the power to make the world think differently,” explains Founder Sarah Laird.

“Laird and Good Company is most inspired by our community of artists and the different perspectives, backgrounds, and abilities each person brings to their work. With this, Sarah Gitersonke was a natural fit from the moment we met. We both care so deeply about connecting artists to the right brands, agencies, and markets, ultimately finding a pathway for ideas to come to life. We could not be more excited to share this next step in our growth with her team.”

Sarah Gitersonke adds, “Laird has curated such a unique, integrated roster of Directors and Photographers which really solves the biggest concern I’ve seen in the market. How are we going to get all this done, at a high level, and within our parameters? Laird is how. This partnership will bring fresh, diverse, multidisciplinary talent to the forefront and I know my agency clients will be thrilled with the process.”

Contact: +1 (312) 536–0066 or [email protected]

  • Laird and Good Company Signs SG+ Reps for US Midwest Representation
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