Tara Darby

Director, Photographer

Tara Darby is a unique artist who captures the essence of moments, stories and emotions from her keenly observed feminine viewpoint. As a photographer and filmmaker, she combines her eye for detail with a profound understanding of human connection, resulting in visually captivating narratives that resonate deeply with their audience.

Born and raised in the vibrant cultural landscape of London and then the south coast, Tara’s passion for visual storytelling was ignited at a young age. Inspired by the diversity and energy of her surroundings, she embarked on a journey to explore the world through her lens, seeking to uncover the beauty in the everyday and the extraordinary.

Tara’s work spans a wide range of genres, from portraiture and documentary photography to more experimental film projects. Her films delve into the complexities of the human experience, exploring themes of identity, belonging and resilience. With a keen sense of pacing and composition, Tara crafts cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Her photographs evoke a sense of intimacy and authenticity, capturing fleeting moments with a timeless elegance. Tara’s images possess a poetic, cinematic quality that invites viewers to see the world through her intimate and authentic perspective.

Throughout her career, Tara has collaborated with a diverse array of clients and collaborators, from international brands and magazines to grassroots community organisations. Her dedication to her craft have earned her widespread acclaim and recognition. Personal work is an intrinsic part of her practice; with each project she undertakes, she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, striving to create work that moves, inspires, and connects people on a profound level.

Tara has published five books. “Delaine Le Bas: Room” Transition Editions, 2005/ ‘We Are Only Humans’ Miniature Love, 2009; ‘Waves’ Oodee, 2011 “Literary Journey: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” 2010, ‘Unité’ 2019. She has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Yinka Shonibare’s Space, Transition Gallery, Paul Smith’s Globe. Her images were shown at The Whitechapel Gallery in 2023 as part of Delaine Le Bas’ exhibition, The House of Le Bas. Tara will have a joint show with Delaine Le Bas in September 2024 at the John Marchant Gallery.

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