Tara Darby

Director, Photographer

Spending her formative years in the English countryside before moving to London as an adult, Tara delights in the beauty and raw aesthetic of her surroundings. Her eye for observing poignance in natural composition echoes through her work – both in photography and film.

Tara’s academic background lies in Journalism and languages, and it was while at university, amid a year in Barcelona that she unearthed and galvanized her skill for the art of photographing.

This period, along with her time as a runner for Ridley Scott was transformational in sealing the pursuit of a career in cultivating intimate imagery. Darby also salutes both Dazed & Confused, and designer David James for their significant roles in her path to creative recognition.

The power and immediacy of natural light and its rudimentary unpredictability is a component Tara is inspired by, and its essence translates so honestly and viscerally in each frame. The candid energy she’s able to capture is also a testament to the openness she brings to her work.

Storytelling is deep-rooted in Tara; mastering the elevation of magnetism in what is natural, and using her inquisitive mind to reveal the soul that lies in what could be seemingly ordinary.

Her curiosity and passion for human stories has also lead her into directing, with her debut Run It Out; a tender and bold tale of survival, marking her notable entrance into the arena of film-making, with more of its kind on the horizon.

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