Director, Photographer

“We keep our work fresh by approaching it as storytellers. Our subjects inspire us. We capture their souls revealing real people, real chefs, real farmers, embracing reality while transforming perception in a heroic light. From an open pit barbecue in Memphis to fiddler in Louisiana, fishermen on Martha’s Vineyard, watchmakers in Chicago, we try to get to know people and forge a bond with them. But it’s not just the people, the atmosphere that surrounds them, the sparks rising from an open fire, a farmer digging in the soil, a forager collecting wild ferns in the deep California forest. We have traveled all over the world from shooting high end advertising in Stockholm, to searching for mushrooms in Morocco to a remote onsen in the mountains of Japan, where, although we did not speak the language, we were able to communicate through our cameras. All these experiences inform and refine our directing skills.” – PEDEN + MUNK

PEDEN + MUNK, the team of still photographers turned directors got their start when they attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. While at Art Center they were inspired by their teacher, renowned Los Angeles photographer Paul Jasmin and with his words, ”show me where you live”. Upon graduation what followed was a whirlwind of assignments where the team worked tirelessly with Los Angeles restaurants as their backdrop. “We shot interiors, portraits of the chefs, the buzz of cocktail hour, we really did it all, still life, storytelling and portraits.” In the process the unique style of PEDEN + MUNK began to emerge. According to an ardent Art Buyer fan, “Jen and Taylor work in a Symbiotic mode I’ve never seen before. Each is a creative enthusiast and each has the technical acumen. During a two day shoot they would seamlessly interchange roles, after the shoot we walked away with a modern arsenal of imagery.”

Their work together as directors enriches the output of a shoot, as they are able to focus on directing talent in their own style, as well as being well versed in styling, props and lighting as the need for direction arises. They work as one entity but with two sets of eyes to ensure a result that lives up to their high standards.

PEDEN + MUNK have brought their unique style as a creative team to major publications such as Bon Appetit, The New York Times Magazine, GOOP, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ and Mr. Porter among others. They have been asked to create new and exciting visual imagery for major companies such as APPLE, Crown Royal, Lidl, Barilla, Dos XX, Smirnoff, Jack Daniels, William Sonoma, eBay, Gold Peak Tea, Tommy Bahama, Coors, and Electrolux.

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