Rich Stapleton


Rich Stapleton’s work beautifully reflects his calm and collected approach to photography, while preserving an absorbing and often abstract world vista. He has a markedly striking and recognisable style, and his oeuvre thus far is a deeply artistic embodiment of his standout and unique vision.

Rich takes inspiration from natural landscapes, architecture and modern art, and this – coupled with his appreciation for distilled imagery and eye for geometry – cultivates peaceful, clean and atmospheric images. He has the ability and flair to produce photographs that leave nothing to be desired; everything is captured and framed with absolute care.

After graduating from the University of Bath, Rich pursued work in the design industry but found that his passion in photography soon commandeered his time and interests, and soon he was regularly approached for his work. A defining point came in 2009 during a trip in Japan, when Rich became even more determined to develop his photography and crystallised his aspirations to make it a full-time career.

His client list includes Aesop, B&B Italia, Sunspel, The Financial Times, Zara Home, AD Magazine and World of Interiors. When he’s not capturing the world through his lens, he enjoys dividing his time between Los Angeles and London.

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