Ciril Jazbec

Director, Photographer

Ciril Jazbec is a director, photographer, documentarian, and storyteller.

Having partnered extensively with National Geographic, Ciril's work explores themes of climate change and the solutions developed by communities at the front lines, forced to adapt. Ultimately, his stories are those of resiliency and hope, imbued with his spirit of adventure, deep appreciation and awe for the natural world, and dedication to preservation through documentation.

Amongst his multitude of international accolades, Ciril is a contributing photographer to National Geographic as well as a National Geographic Explorer and grant recipient. He has received the World Press Photo Award for the documentary category and is also a Leica Ambassador.

Originally from Slovenia, he travels the globe to partner with clients such as The New York Times, Volvo, Ford, GMC, Time Magazine, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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